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Marathoners, Listen Up!

The perfect blend between the love for running and passion for globetrotting has always been a bucket-lister for marathoners but the obstacle lies within syncing your race routine overseas with your travel itineraries with precision, not to mention the wide range of international marathons to choose from.
In a running world spoiled with choices, the marathon in Eilat, Israel is certainly the crème de la crème. This run is the epitome of “two birds, one stone” for all marathon tours as it is mapped with great specification so as to allow runners to soak in the region’s natural wonders to the fullest.
The dash begins in the exotic desert of Israeli and ends at the shore of the Red Sea bordering at Jordan. The flaming landscapes and breathtaking views boost the pitter patter of your feet across the desert and  the combination of sand, sea and mountains renders improving a personal record or loud encouragement all the way moot.
So if the sharp skies and luxurious landscapes aren’t enough incentive for you, tighten your shoe laces and get ready to explore Israel one stride at a time, for it will take your breath away faster than the pace of the race.

Desert Marathon in Eilat is over and Mr Sammy David was the first to complete the marathon.